Tennis Volley Training Coach in San Jose CA, Tennis instructor, class

Tennis Volley Training Coach in San Jose CA, Tennis instructor, class Tennis Lessons, Tennis Coaches San Jose

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Seydou is a professional tennis player who plays on the ATP Tour for several years . He began teaching in 2008 at Christ Evert Tennis Academy one of the famous tennis academy in the US in Boca Raton, Florida . He moved to the bay area in 2009 and worked with Eagle Fustar the same year and The Harker School for over 3 years as Assistant Professional . Seydou  loves to spread the culture of knowing and to make discover to others .

He is a PTR Professional certified and has a high standard of playing and teaching skill . These experiences gave him the knowledge to develop champions at the junior level and produce college players for the past 10 years .


Tennis Coached and Hitting partner with Madison Keys in 2008-2009 at Chris Evert Academy currently number 11 in the WTA ranking and  Ajla Tomljanovic, ranked number 121 in the WTA

PTR professional certified with 10 and under, junior development and Adult development

Helped 4 players make university tennis team in the past 5 years: Kailas Rajan: West Virginia State University. Catherine Song: San Jose State University. Brice Miller: Santa Clara University. Tim Nguyen: UCSF

Tennis by Seydou , professional APT player and coach in San Jose CA. Tennis Academy, PTR Professional certified
Tennis by Seydou , professional APT player and tennis coach in San Jose CA. Tennis Academy, PTR Professional certified

Kids tennis lessons

General Objectives:

  •  Further, develop fundamental movement skills.

  •  Further, develop fundamental motor skills.

  •  Explore the optimal windows of trainability for speed and suppleness (flexibility).

  •  Develop basic tennis skills (technical/tactical).

  •  Acquire psychological skills (ability to focus, emotional control, positive attitude,

  •  Commitment & effort).

  •  Introduce the rules of the game and tennis ethics.

  •  Introduce decision-making.

Kids tennis Hitting Lesson

Train with a professional player with tennis expertise who currently plays on the ATP tour to work on different tactics and tennis strategies, change of speed and direction; build your point in a game. This hitting lesson gears players who love to rally. You will be helped with ever you need to improve.


Kids tennis  Mental toughness

Preparing players to be strong and keep a positive attitude. We teach players to be confident. No physical or verbal bad  behavior is allowed  on court. being 100 percent of themselves while striving to do better each day .

This program helps players to being good players, also to become better people in life. Mental toughness is included in all training programs


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Windows 10 – How to REALLY Fix Can’t Open Settings Error

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