How to Flash Every Phat Xbox 360 Drive!, How to Flash a BenQ Xbox 360 Drive

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Quick Jumps —————–

0:00 – Intro/Drive and Flashing Info
12:57 – Software and Firmware Downloads
14:08 – JungleFlasher Setup
17:38 – FLASHING: Samsung Drive
21:55 – Burning a Hitachi 79 Unlock Disc
23:06 – FLASHING: Hitachi Drive
25:18 – FLASHING: BenQ Drive
26:54 – FLASHING: Lite-On Drive


How to Flash a BenQ Xbox 360 Drive | iXtreme LT +3.0 | AFTER ALL DASHBOARDS!


HOW TO Flash an Xbox 360 on 64 BIT PC Jungleflasher | And How to Unbrick a Lite-on Drive!


Flashing a BenQ Drive (

  1. Start JungleFlasher. Once the drive is connected to the USB tool and your computer, you can start JungleFlasher to begin the flashing process.

  2. Unlock the drive. Click the MTK Flash 32 tab and then click the “BenQ UnLock” button. The DVD drive will be unlocked automatically.

  3. Wait for the drive to unlock. You will see text in the box at the bottom of the window. Once the drive has been unlocked, look for the “Drive Properties” section of the MTK Flash 32 tab. The “Vendor” field should read “Drive in Vendor Mode”.

  4. Copy the old firmware. Click the Read button. JungleFlasher will begin reading the BenQ firmware files. After it’s finished, you will be prompted to save the original firmware as a backup. Choose a location that you can easily find if you want to restore your original firmware files.

  5. Load the new firmware. After the firmware backup has been saved, you will be prompted to load the BenQ LT+ firmware files. Click Yes to proceed.

  6. Save your drive key. Click the Save Drive Key button and save the drive key somewhere safe. This will be useful if you want to restore your drive later.

  7. Save your custom firmware. Click the Save to File button to save your custom firmware files. This will make flashing the same drive in the future much easier.

  8. Write the new firmware. Click the MTK Flash 32 tab and then click the Writebutton. You can monitor the writing process in the text box at the bottom of the window. The writing process shouldn’t take too long.

  9. Exit vendor mode. After the firmware writing is complete, click the Outro / ATA Reset to exit vendor mode on your DVD drive. This will keep your Xbox 360 from getting banned immediately from Xbox Live. The “DVD Key” entry in the “Drive Properties” section should read “Verified”.[3]

Jungleflasher Working on Windows 10


Jungleflasher 0.1.96 Working on Windows 10 64Bit

1) Install .NET Framework 3.5
2) Install .NET Framework 1.1…
3) Disable driver signature enforcement
4) Launch Jungleflasher 0.1.96

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