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Consist of four 15 minute sessions. Once the teeth whitening gel is applied the LED light will turn on to activate the teeth whitening process. After your treatment, you’ll see a noticeable difference of 2 to 6 shades in the whiteness of your teeth. Feel confident, positive and happy about the way you look

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595 Estudillo ave, #site C, San Leandro, 94577 Corner of Estudillo Ave and Bancroft across from Shell gas station.

Cancelation Policy: Cancellation Policy For cancellation, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged.

Smile with Confidence by Whitening teeth

Teeth whitening – the utilization of the most advanced technology to whiten and brighten your teeth. This occurs by applying the teeth whitening gel (hydrogen peroxide 16%) to each front teeth, then shine a blue LED light to activate the gel. Each session is for 15 minutes. The best result is to have 2 to 4 sessions. After the third session customers notice a difference in the whiteness of their teeth up to six shades

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening has become one of the most requested cosmetic treatments, and for good reason. Studies have shown that a beaming white smile not only makes you more attractive, it also helps you appear more intelligent, successful, and friendly! Everyone feels better when they have great looking white teeth.

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595 Estudillo Ave, Site C,  San Leandro CA 94577

(1) We, JP Teeth Whitening Service is not a dentist.

(2) We, JP Teeth Whitening Service CANNOT do teeth whitening if you are: pregnant or lactating women, people under 14, gum disease, open cavities, leaking fillings, or people with a known allergy to peroxide.

Teeth Whitening Using Lights

Teeth whitening using lights has a long and varied history. Beaming White only offers blue LED teeth whitening lights because they are the safest, longest-lasting, and least expensive of all teeth whitening lamps. Below we explain the differences between the different types of teeth whitening machines in case you are interested, but you can see our complete lineup of bleaching lights here.


As the name suggests, these lamps consist of blue LEDs that range in power from fractions of a watt to a few watts. They emit a cold blue light, which is why they are so safe. The light cannot burn the skin or gums. The wavelength is typically in the range of 430-490 nanometers. This wavelength activates different chemical compounds including but not limited to hydrogen peroxide. The best bleaching agent for teeth is hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) teeth whitening gel. Because blue LED light activates H2O2 gel so well, and blue LED light is so safe, it is no wonder that today most bleaching lights in the teeth whitening industry are of this type. (

How to Upgrade/Install Memory in a 21.5-inch iMac (Late 2012–Early 2013)

How to Upgrade/Install Memory in a 21.5-inch iMac (Late 2012–Early 2013)

GREAT VIDEO. Unfortunately on the first attempt I cracked my dads screen slightly. Our faces were a picture and our hearts sank !! Anyway, I on the second attempt I used a very thin razor/scraping blade to cut through the self adhesive strips and the screen came off very easily. I followed the video step by step and only had to pause it a few times to catch up. Took me about 30 minutes in total from start to finish. New 16GB RAM installed and its like having a new computer. The old man is thrilled and I am still in his will, so a good day all around !! This video is great and has saved us a heap of money. THANK YOU
Thank you for this very professional video. Me and my son did it without to many struggles. Took 1,5 hour. The memory is PC3 Kingstom ram 2 x 8 gb 1600MHz SODIMM (KCP316SD8/8) and a Samsung 1 TB SSD 850 EVO. We bought the tools shown in the video from iFixit in Germany directly from their website. They didnt have 21,5 strips on stock so we bought 27″ strips and used a scissor. The guy in this thread with the 3 bipping notes probably has a problem with the ram he choosed to insert. The key to success is to be very patient, don’t rush it and choose a time where you will not be interrupted by spouse or work 😉
hello, iMac (21.5 inches, end of 2013), and I want to change the memory (8 GB as 32 GB) ram and the processor (Core i5 as corei7). My doubts are: 1. What “ram” reference does my mac receive? (recommend brands by amazon) 2. Can the processor be changed? I appreciate your help. Good video.
Thank you for your questions! We are very sorry but the Late 2013 21.5″ iMac will only be able to be upgraded to 16GBs of RAM. Here is the compatible RAM: We would also recommend contacting the manufacturer to see if a processor upgrade is available.