Why Does PS4 Become Slow?

Why Does PS4 Become Slow?
There are several reasons that make PS4 slow in performance—one reason is very common, and the rest are rare, and we will lay out almost all possible reason that makes PS4 run slow.

PS4 hard drive is declining. This is the biggest reason ever for the slowness of PS4 performance. The hard drive is no longer functioning as fast as it used to be once bought, due to several factors related to how it’s designed and the storage technologies it implements. (Read more on PS4 HDD Specs). Therefore, the hard drive itself might be undergoing performance degradation or it’s about to fail.

Probably there’s no hardware issue with your PS4, but you just play heavyweight games. Modern, top-notch PS4 games are coming now in huge file size and require stronger hardware to seamlessly run them. If your hard drive is an outdated drive, it will take a long time (up to 70-90 sec. in some games) to load.

There may be a hardware defect. This rarely happens, but it’s still possible that the CPU or memory chips are undergoing some kinds of defect.
Application or game conflict. This is also rare, but it doesn’t affect the whole system. It only affects the two conflicting elements.

Running games/apps from a defected external storage device. This is another common reason that’s similar to the first one, except that you need, additionally, to check the USB cable connecting to PS4, as it might not functioning well enough.

PS4 is overheating. It happens sometimes that you play heavyweight games for many continuous hours and PS4 becomes overheating. If this is your habit to play for a long time at once, you’ll need a cooling fan for PS4 in order to dissipate the alleviate the temperature.

PS4 database needs rebuilding. The Rebuild Database option does a defrag of the PS4, which can solve a whole host of issues on the PS4 and free up some much needed space, speed up your console and fix issues. The Rebuild scans the drive and creates a new database of all content, thus cleaning the disc drive. So if you are experiencing an issue with your Playstation 4’s memory or a Software update the you can simply run the Rebuild Database.
That’s it. These are almost all the reasons that cause PS4 to be slow. It’s seldom to find an additional reason unless you have an exceptional case.


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