Volusion- how to change shopping cart to catalogs page

Volusion.com provide the commercial shopping cart function for e-commerce users. their service is pretty similar to Magento store, but the Magento has no support for tech issue, you need to solve the problem by your own research. However the volusion , there is alway can get help from volusion tech team.


One of my customers came over and ask me to build the catalog page website ( not the shopping cart ), So i need to hide the add to cart button.

design site contents volusion
design site contents in volusion.

and go to 483

remove : {0} {1} {2}


also, go to  334, 335, 336  and remove these text


List Price

Our Price

Sale Price




How to remove add to cart button?

Go to each product page edit

How to remove add to chart button
How to remove add to chart button