Use WordPress + Cloudflare [2017] For Faster Page Load Speed, CDN, AMP & Security

Use WordPress + Cloudflare [2017] For Faster Page Load Speed, CDN, AMP & Security

Cloudflare is a simple way to get your site running faster using the Cloudflare CDN and AMP technology. You will also have a more secure site if you allow Cloudflare to filter out all the bad traffic. WordPress Cloudflare is a great combination.

The WordPress cloudflare integration is very powerful.

The way it works is you change your DNS to point to cloudflare. Now all of your traffic goes through cloudflare before it goes to your WordPress site.

When you are running traffic through cloudflare you will notice speed improvements and security enhancements.

To get this process started, the first thing you have to do is create a cloudflare account by going to

The only information they need from you to get started is a username, an email address, a password and agreeing to their terms and conditions.

On the page after you login you’ll see the four steps that we have to complete:

1. Add your website domain (you can add multiple if you want to)
2. Choose your DNS settings
3. Change your name servers
4. Customize your options

So, add your website URL in the first field and continue.

Cloudflare will now attempt to detect your DNS settings, this usually takes 45 seconds.

Once it is done click continue.

On the next page you will be able to define which traffic goes to cloudflare in which does not.

If you click a grey cloud it will turn orange and that means the traffic will be rerouted through cloudflare.

I suggest running all traffic through cloudflare, and if something doesn’t work properly then go back and turn off certain traffic types.

The changes you make on this page right now don’t affect anything, these changes only come into affect after you change the nameservers, which is the next step.

After you’ve chosen which traffic to send through cloudflare and which not to send through cloudflare, click on continue.

Now you’ll be shown which nameservers to set your domain’s current DNS to.

To do this you log into domain registrar account, open your domain settings, and find the DNS settings area.

Somewhere inside the DNS settings there will be an option to set name servers.

Set those name servers to the ones cloudflare has presented to you and click on update.

The change is the name servers can take up to 48 hours to propagate across the Internet but they’re usually done within a few minutes.

When making this tutorial it only took about two minutes for the nameserver change to take effect.

Once the name servers have been changed, your cloudflare account will be active and traffic will be sent through cloudflare.

Inside cloudflare, you have a very large number of options.

You have a dedicated analytics dashboard to see your traffic analytics.

You have the sites speed optimization options. Even with the free account you can minify JavaScript, minify CSS, minify HTML and create cloudflare’s version of Google AMP pages.

I encourage you to look through all of these options and turn on or off the ones think you want to apply to your site.

After every option change, check your website to make sure everything is still working properly. If something isn’t right turn that option off again.

With the crowdflare free account you will see improvements in many aspects of your site especially site load speed.

With any of the paid accounts you’ll be able to set even more options and see even better results.

If I were you I would connect WordPress cloudflair today.

I hope this information helps you! If you have any questions leave a comment below or ping me @WPLearningLab on Twitter.