How To Install Linux On Your Chromebook

How To Install Linux On Your Chromebook

1. shell
2.sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -t unity
3.sudo startunity
4. sudo apt-get update
5.sudo apt-get install software-center

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Install Linux On A Chromebook!

We had a ton of people ask about installing Linux on a Chromebook, so today Shannon’s shows you how to get Ubuntu running! (She says “now that I’ve discovered how easy this is… I’m seriously considering buying a Chromebook as my new Linux PC… ;)” — Want more Tekzilla? Catch a new, full-length episode of Tekzilla every Tuesday on our site! Have tip ideas? Submit them to /r/Tekzilla: Or email us: [email protected] Check out DIY Tryin, Patrick’s new do-it-yourself show: Watch Patrick on HD Nation: Subscribe on YouTube:… Subscribe via RSS:… Watch us on iPhone and iPad with the Revision3 iOS app:…

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