Stop Android connecting to certain wifi networks – Wi-Fi Ruler

Samsung Galaxy S6 – our area is littered with Comcast “hot spots” that require a login & password to access. It seems like every place I go I open up a browser on my phone or go to check e-mail and get a login page to a cable company wifi network. It’d be OK if they put the login on the wifi connect but they allow all devices to connect and then put the login prompt on a web page.
There’s no way to stop Android (that I know of) from always turning on wifi since I’m sure the telcos would rather you download off of someone elses’ network, but there should be a way to specific specific wifi networks that the phone should never connect to – thus keeping the network connection on the cellular connection.
Any apps out there that can do this? I guess maybe tasker could be scripted to shut off wifi when it turns on and connects to “x” network, but it’d be nice to have an app that only connected to specific networks.
Give Wi-Fi Ruler a try. The app promises WiFi categorization, ignore lists and auto-connection rules.

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