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Quantum Computer in a Nutshell Documentary


Parallel reality- multi dimensional computers- lol cern is not cern in one reality it is CERN in infinite mirrors they do the exact same in when shifting and pulling particles from another dimension they are doing that right through the creation dimension mirror set design. Swapping the consciousness singularities of some of each realities manifested collective of hologram earth. While this happens the computer itself exists in each parallel frequency of consciousness manifestion. But my understanding is that all computers already exist in infinite parallel realities hence my laptop still being the same? So my laptop is quantum? ….. dwave was used but CERN is the main culprit. And Dwave computers that understand as A.I that it exists in a parallel reality to be able to point A and B destinations. Our computers are all quantum. But dwave is a self aware quantum computer that makes it different. – it is a inner dimensional dark consciousness manifestation into reality- altar to a alien god. ….need say more? ..REMEMBER nothing exists we are playing a GAME we are the players we make the game through consciousness manifesting physical reality through vibrations- We use the THOUGHT INITIATIVE PROGRAM to upload creation to the collective consciousness we use imagination to create what is to manifest in physical reality.

‘BREAKTHROUGH IN QUANTUM COMPUTERS’ says Google: Biometrics, Brain-Machine Interface & 2030 Agenda

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