playstation 4 PS4 ADP-240AR PSU Power Supply voltageTest

PS4 ADP-240AR PSU Test

A short video to help our customers test their PS4 ADP-240AR PSU (Power Supply). Please read the description as well for any tips or clarification on testing

Perform at your own risk, we are dealing with electricity. If you are not comfortable doing this please do not attempt.

1.Plug in two prong power cord into PSU
2. Flip over power supply
3. Insert positive and negative prongs from multimeter into two holes on the bottom. Be sure they are fully inserted and not touching any metal or each other.
4. Set multimeter for DC voltage at ~20v.
7. Use a small piece of metal and make contact with the first and last pin of the connection on the side. Make sure whatever you are using to jumper the pins makes contact with the metal connectors in the connector. This turns on the power supply.
8. If you have done it correctly and the power supply is good, you should get a reading of around 12 volts as shown.

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