Our Lady’s March 02, 2018 message as given to Mirjana.

Peace to all! Below, please find Our Lady’s March 02, 2018 message as given to Mirjana.

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Our next regularly scheduled mailing is Our Lady’s March 18, 2018 annual apparition with Mirjana.

God Bless!
Steve and Ana Shawl
The Medjugorje Web

March 02, 2018

“Dear children, great are the works that the Heavenly Father has done in me, as He does in all those who love Him tenderly and who faithfully and devoutly serve Him. My children, the Heavenly Father loves you, and it is through His love that I am here with you. He is speaking to you. Why do you not desire to see the signs? Everything is easier alongside Him. Also, pain lived with Him is easier because faith exists. Faith helps in the pain, and pain without faith leads to despair. Pain lived and offered to God raises up. Did my Son not redeem the world through His painful sacrifice? As His mother I was with Him in the pain and suffering, as I am with all of you. My children, I am with you in life, in suffering, in pain, in joy and in love. Therefore, have hope. It is hope that makes you comprehend that life is there. My children, I am speaking to you, my voice is speaking to your soul, my heart is speaking to your heart. Oh, apostles of my love, how much my motherly heart loves you. How many things I desire to teach you. How my motherly heart desires that you be complete, and you can be complete only when your soul, body and love are united within you. I implore you as my children, pray much for the Church and her servants – your shepherds; that the Church may be such as my Son desires – clear as spring water and full of love. Thank you.”