Item review – HP OfficeJet Pro 6960 All-in-One Printer

This is a video review I made about the #HP #OfficeJet Pro 6960 All-in-One #Printer.

In this video, which should apply to the HP OfficeJet Pro 6960 / 6968 / 6970 / 6978, I do the following:
– Unpackage the item.
– Review the specs.
– Introduce the additional accessories.
– Setup the device and connect it to the Wi-Fi network

Please note:
In this video I did not demonstrate how I define the printer on my computer nor how to use it with a smartphone/tablet. I do my best to cover all the relevant topics in my videos, and yet I want my videos to be interesting and fun to watch (which means not too long…). 

In addition, I am not sure if explaining about installation on PC will be relevant to people with MAC, if explaining about app from Google Play store will be relevant for people who download from App Store, and the most important thing is that I am still learning about this device so I don’t want to say something that will be misleading. 

If something was not mentioned in the video, please ask me and I will do my best to answer you about that. If I will see there is a justification to make a follow-up video, I promise to do so.

The brand: HP
The model: OfficeJet Pro 6960 All-in-One Printer

Here are several links to purchase the item online: (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

*** Please note models may vary, depending on the area you live.

The pros:
– It is very easy to setup the printer and connect it to the Wi-Fi network.
– It is Very easy to operate the 6960 thanks to the touch screen control panel.
– The 6960 offers all the familiar features that the average user would need for home or small business usage (I will be able to expend my explanation about it as time goes by, because I am still learning about it…).
– The device is in the right size, looks great and seems to be improved model of the already familiar and successful HP devices for the home/small business user.
– I really love the tutorial videos on the touch screen control panel (if needed of course…).
– The device is considered very economical, thanks to the ink costs, which are supposed to be very low.
– HP’s 3 years warranty is always a great thing to have.

The cons:
– Does not include a USB socket, which in my opinion is still quite relevant (let’s say if you are a student).
– The absolute price of the cartridge.
– No USB cable (for those who need it…).
– After I reviewed the HP OfficeJet Pro 8610 & the HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 It just looks too simple.

I will update this section if relevant.

Here is a link to the user manual of this item: 

Here are the specs of this item on HP’s online store: 

For further questions about this video please comment about this video and I will do my best to answer you.

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