hp pavilion dv6 caps lock blinking Black screen, CPU not functional, BIOS corruption failure, Memory module error not functional, Graphics controller not functional

Pavilion dv6-3040sa, black screen, flashing caps lock

Processor failures can be have inconsistently.  I have seen processor failures start with 1-2 second hangs in the OS to working one day and not at all the next.

hey mate.. ive got the same issue.. is it an issue with the cpu.


The blinking code you have desribed is a beep code of one.  Review the following table found here.


Caps Lock/Num Lock 1 CPU CPU not functional Reseat replace CPU.


Caps Lock/Num Lock 2 BIOS BIOS corruption failure Restore BIOS from onboard backup (jumpers)


Caps Lock/Num Lock 3 Memory Memory module error not functional Reseat memory modules (see next section).

Test memory from UEFI or BIOS.

Replace bad memory modules.


Caps Lock/Num Lock 4 Graphics Graphics controller not functional Service
Caps Lock/Num Lock 5 System board General system board failure Service
Caps Lock/Num Lock 6 BIOS BIOS authentication failure Restore BIOS from onboard backup (jumpers)




The options for a blink code of 1 is to reseat the CPU as you have already done or to replace the processor.  Since the issue returns after reseating the CPU, it looks like the CPU needs to be replaced.