How to remove IHS from Playstation 3, PS3 CELL CPU and RSX GPU

How to remove IHS from PS3 CELL CPU and RSX GPU


Used to remove CELL IHS – Feeler gauge purchased on ebay. Rounded off edges and sanded down the end using dremel very thin to get under IHS Used to remove RSX IHS – Heatgun set to 1050 degrees farenheit for about 30-45 seconds. Don’t recommend over 60 seconds. Then used a thin butter knife to pop it off with a clip from a business card under the knife to protect the BGA. Then used a razor to clean the RAM blocks on the RSX and same for both IHS. But on the CELL to clean off the residue i recommend a small ended blade like the one in the video otherwise you can scratch it. The RAM blocks can also very cleaned be finished using sand paper. I personally choose not to use glue when putting back the IHS, simply because in case you need to rework again its not a pain to remove and so there isnt more stress on BGA. Also because when put back together carefully it doesnt move. I also make sure to use a board support when doing this I do not take credit for this though, through forums and threads ive found many great people sharing their knowledge, im simply making an easy video to help others.