How to disassemble ps3 super slim

PlayStation 3 Super SLIM disassembly

How to fix and disassemble playstation3 super slim

please sub and like!!il try to reply to questions ASAP! you need a cross and flat head screw drivers AND a torx T8 security head, not torx T8 head!!! the torx T8 head is flat , the torx T8 security has a divot in the middle.

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How To Fully Disassemble A PS3 Slim [Case Mod] [Complete Dust Removal] [+Reassemble]


In this video guys i show you how to disassemble a ps3 slim (any model in the slim category. This is mainly for people who wish to add a case mod to a ps3 Slim and/or properly remove all dust from your ps3. IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if your ps3 may look different in the INSIDE, it doesnt mean you cannot do it.

All you have to do is notice the area where im unscrewing. IMPORTANT NOTE: This ps3 does work and it did work after I reassemble it. NOTE: I’m not responsible for your actions that you apply to your ps3.

NOTE: Do this for your own risk, if you know what your doing…great then follow. If you don’t but you think you can follow along and successfully disassemble your ps3.

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Playstation 3 Super Slim Complete Disassembly / Teardown