How many Craigslist ads can I post? – Blocked Ghosted Ads

How many Craigslist ads can I post?
According to the rules listed on Craigslist’s website, users may post in only one category in one geographical area once every 48 hours. Following these postingrules are essential: If you post too often or post similar ads in different locations too close to one another, the ads will be blocked.

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This is commonly referred to as “ghosting.” When an ad is ghosted, the user creates the ad and publishes it, but it does not appear on the site. This happens without Craigslist ever notifying the user. Enough ghosted ads can even result in your account being blocked entirely.

Why Are Ghosted Ads Blocked?

Craigslist ghosts ads in an effort to cut down on spam. Unfortunately, you have little recourse to address the issue with the site if your ad or account is blocked. The best bet for those with ghosted ads is to delete the ad entirely and reconstruct it from the ground up. Often, certain domain names are identified by Craigslist as spam. For source pictures in your ad, select well-known photo sharing sites such as Flickr. Cut down on the use of links in your ad; Craigslist often identifies these as spam.

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