Red Ring Of Death FIX Tutorial Xbox 360

Red Ring Of Death FIX Tutorial Xbox 360

Mase from TEAMHEADKICK takes you step by step through the easy way to fix your “Red Ring Of Death” on the Xbox 360. For about $12 in Parts, your Box will be like new, and will last a lot longer. Don’t waste money buying a new xbox when you don’t need to. You will need a Torx T8 and T10 Head to open your box. 
1.) Take the Box apart.
2.) Remove the Heat Sinks
3.) Clean the CPU, and GPU and reapply a thin layer of thermal paste.
4.) Put the heatsinks back on, put the motherboard back in the tray. DON’T RECONNECT THE FANS YET. 
5.) Connect the Power Cable and the A/V Plug, and turn your xbox back on.
6.) You will still see the 3 flashing Red Lights. 
7.) Let your Xbox overheat, leaving it on, until the 3 Red Flashing Lights turn into 2 Red Flashing Lights. 
8.) Turn the power off, Let the box cool down.
9.) Re- Install the Fans, the CD tray, and the box.
10.) Fire it up, and get back to gaming!

Xbox 360 fat version replacing the heat sink compound tutorial. RROD error repair guide!

Easy X-Clamp Removal for Xbox 360

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