7 Methods to Increase Internal Storage Space of Android

7 Methods to Increase Internal Storage Space of Android

7 Methods to Increase Internal Storage Space of Android


insufficient storage available“Recently, I always received a warning “insufficient storage available” on my android phone when trying to install a new app on it. I was especially confused because I had plenty of storage left. And as we know, android only limits the installation of new app when we have less than 15 MB of storage remaining. “

Therefore, in this case, what should I do? 

Can I fix the “insufficient storage available” error message on android? I asked our friends for help, and one of them told me to try using this method provided by the following video: 


However, after watching the above video, some users don’t really understand this method and want to find more solutions to increase android internal storage. Now, this article shows 7 ways to deal with this “insufficient storage available” issue. 

7 Ways to Help to Increase Internal Storage Space of Android

Method 1: Delete unwanted apps and clean all the history and cache

Sometimes, as a matter of fact, users don’t really need more storage, they just need to make better use of what they’ve got. No doubt, there are several apps users have no interest in using or have never used them. Therefore, if users don’t use them, they can uninstall them. If they later find they need these apps, they can just download them again. (Any app users have paid for at Google Play will be available to any android device on which they are logged into their Google account.

On the other hand, even some apps users keep in their devices will take up more space than they require. To be specific, as time goes by, every app on users’ phone fills space with cached files. At this time, users can clear these out to release more free space to store more data. Meanwhile, clearing app cache won’t delete any important files on phone. If users want to completely clean cache from all their apps using android’s built-in settings, here’s how: 

settings storage 

Step 1: Click “Settings > Storage“. After that, users will see total storage and other useful information related to Storage such as Used space, System memory, Cached data and Available space, etc. (as shown below) 

cached data 

Step 2: Click “Cached data”. Then, a pop up will show up saying “This will clear cached data for all apps”. At this time, users just tap “OK”. 

Note: if we accidentally cleared cache on SD card storage for smartphone, what should we do to recover deleted cache files including photos and apps data? Now, we can try the Best Free Android Data Recovery Software – MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android Free 1.0 to recover cache files. In general, this professional Android files recovery software can restore Android data regardless of the reasons for data loss.

Although deleting programs can release some space, some programs take little space. Thus, this is not an ideal solution. Here, to create more free space for android storage, we strongly recommend using memory card. Want to know the best part? Please move on to read Chapter 1 which tells how to increase internal storage space of Android with memory card

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